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Nutrient Management Program

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The Kent Conservation District currently has three certified nutrient management planners. These planners are available to create Nutrient Management Plans at no cost to anyone who farms land in Kent County and is required to have a (NMP). Any farm operator who is not required to have a NMP but would like one created for them can be put on a first come first served list. In addition to the conservation district, private certified nutrient consultants can create Nutrient Management Plans. The Delaware Department of Agriculture has cost share available for land owners using private consultants. A list of Certified consultants is available below.

The Kent Conservation District also provides cost share for Best Management Practices, used to reduce the risk of excess nutrient contamination in ground and surface waters. A list of the Best Management practices (BMP’s) is available below.


The Delaware Nutrient Management Commission has regulated any landowner or Operator who meets the standards below to have a Nutrient Management Plan (NMP):

  • All persons who operate an animal feeding operation in excess of 8 animal units (1 AU = 1,000 pounds) must develop and implement a nutrient management or animal waste plan.
  • All persons who control/manage property in excess of 10 acres where nutrients are applied shall develop and implement a nutrient management plan.

To manage those activities involving the generation and application of nutrients in order to help maintain and improve the quality of Delaware's ground and surface waters and to help meet or exceed federally mandated water quality standards in the interest of the overall public welfare.


Delaware Certified Nutrient Management Consultants

Public Nutrient Consultants

New Castle Conservation District

(302) 832-3100

Laurie Janeka (NRCS)

Marianne Hardesty (NRCS)

Kent Conservation District

(302) 608-5370

Kerin Hume (District)
Peggy Lowman (District)

Jacob Urian (NRCS)

Sussex Conservation District

(302) 856-3990

Tyler Brown (District)

Kip Foskey (District)

Dan Holston (District)
Bryan Jones (District)

Kevin Ryan (District)

Ziggy Savage (NRCS)

University of Delaware

Gordon Johnson

USDA-NRCS State Office

(302) 678-4160
Jayme Arthurs

John Bushey

Rich Gorlich

Private Nutrient Consultants

Victor Green

Yolonda Messick

Martin Ross

Tammam Serage

William F. Smith III

Bruce Snow

Scott Webb

Sharon Webb

AET Consulting

Jessice Inhof

(302) 698-9272

Don Moore

(410) 620-0275

Bill Rogers

(717) 475-3583

BP Environmental, Inc

Craig Yohn

(302) 629-6505

Crop Production Services

George F. Ireland, Jr.

(410) 758-0575

Eastern Precision Services, LLC

Brooks Clayville

(410) 632-1989

Farmsite Technologies

Scott Quinn

(410) 810-3080

Growers Nutritional Solutions

Dennis Grove

(410) 749-2550

Growmark FS


(302) 422-3001

Larry Lee

Denis Shaffer


(302) 875-7511

John Knight

Paige Linton

Michael Pochop

SMYRNA, Jeff Draper

(609) 820-3764

Hudson Consulting

(302) 875-5276

Nathan Hudson

Scott Hudson

Keen Consulting, Inc.

(302) 684-5270

Tony Keen

McConnell Agronomics, Inc.

Luke McConnell

(410) 479-3664

Meherrin Chemical, Robert Ekholm

(302) 337-0330

Perdue Farms, Vincent P. Lynch

(410) 352-2378

Royster-Clark, Inc


(410) 928-3153

Kenneth M. Glenn, Jr.

Gary R. Lamborn


(302) 422-3570

Daniel Warren

Jimmy Warren

Soil Service, Ralph Palmer

(302) 629-7054

Southern States Coop.


(302) 363-2775

DAGSBORO, Brian Schilling

(302) 732-6651

LAUREL, Milton Catlin

(302) 875-3635


(302) 422-8066

Paul Collins

Aaron Cooper


(302) 378-9841

Wilbert Wright, Jr. (Flip)

PRESTON, Stephen Majchrzak

(800) 682-6165

DAGSBORO, Frank Depta

(302) 732-6651


(888) 443-3911

Steven Pieshala

Paul Miles Jr.

Team Ag, Jedd Moncavage

(717) 859-1924

Tower Crop Services, Linda Pevey

(302) 629-9189

Trapwoods Enterprises

Tom Coleman

(302) 856-3858

UAP Northeast

(302) 629-3047

Ron Breeding

Timothy Human

W. Christopher Webb

Corey Lecates

Wenger Feeds, Bill Achor

(800) 692-6008

Willard Agri-Service

Michael Twining

(410) 778-1000

Other Consultants

Stiles Adkins

Richard Carmine, Jr.

Bruce Derr

Joseph Jackewicz, Jr.

C. Clay Larimore

Robert J. Rouse

T.J. Schiff

Stephen Tatman

Best Management Practices (BMP)

Delaware Department of Agriculture BMP Description



UD Cooperative Extension

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